The villain has won.

The heroes have been slaughtered, the legendary artifacts destroyed, and with each passing day, the world is further consumed by the Fog.

There's nothing you can do, not really - you're no Chosen One, after all. Just some kid from sidequest village, barely worth a dialogue tree...

So instead, you decide to go on your bucket list dream journey: travel to the Tower of Origin - the highest point in the world - climb to the very top, and watch the sun set for the final time.

This is Origin Trail, an empathetic narrative game about coming to terms with grief, the good and bad of human nature, and the beauty of impermanence.

Travel through a vivid world, and grow closer to your fellow travelers - each of them dealing with the end of the world in their own ways. It's not just your world ending, after all - it's theirs, too.